– We are the best for parties! - We are the best for parties!

At you will find ready-made party products, everything from quizzes and quizzes to murder mysteries and fantastically entertaining themed treasure hunts for children’s birthdays.You buy all our products online and have them delivered immediately via email as an attachment. Everything you need is included in the product, good instructions, complete answer forms, results, summary forms, question cards or playlists with music – whatever it may be. The product you receive is complete and gives you good, high-quality entertainment in the few minutes it takes you to buy and print the product.


You search for products either by choosing a category – treasure hunts, murder mysteries or question hunts, or by choosing who you want entertainment for. We have products that are suitable for children, for example for a child’s birthday or as entertainment in connection with a holiday, we have products for teenagers’ parties and for adults of all ages.

How do I buy a product?

Choose a category or target group and find the product that best suits what you have in mind. Buy it by pressing the ORDER button. The product then ends up in the shopping cart, which you see at the top right. To pay, go to checkout.

How do I pay?

Once you have examined your order in the shopping cart, click on. We use E-pay – one of Denmark’s most recognized payment solutions. You can pay directly with various payment cards and PayPal.

Can I pay by invoice?

If you do not want to pay by debit card, or if you, for example, order from a company and need to pay by invoice, this can also be done. Payment by invoice is made in advance. Once we have received the payment, the product will be delivered, usually immediately. An invoicing and handling fee will be added for the manual handling. If you want to order against invoice, send us an email to

What do the products cost?

The prices of our products vary according to the product’s scope and concept. Price for each product is stated on the presentation page. Prices are stated in Danish kroner including 25% VAT.

How is the product delivered?

After ordering, you will receive an email from us with a receipt and links to the product (s) you have purchased. If an email does not arrive, check if it has ended up in your junk mail. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that emails end up in junk mail or spam folders depending on the email program you use, your security settings and spam filters.If the email does not arrive, or if your email program has removed the product file, contact us immediately and we will send the product again manually.

What should I do if I do not receive the product email or have questions?

Should you have a problem with your order or delivery, you are of course always welcome to contact us and we will help you. We can be contacted by e-mail to or by phone 0046 40-35 48 35 (normal office hours).

What if I do not have a printer?

Most of our products, you need to print on paper. You get the product file from us, you can take it with / send it on to a PC, where you have the opportunity to print it out.

Do you have comments on the products?

If you have feedback to us, we will be very happy for your comments. In that case, preferably send us an email to

Have I returned a product?

The general right of withdrawal in distance trading does not apply to digital products that have been downloaded / delivered, as these cannot be returned due to their nature. The product is considered delivered when an email with the product has been sent from us. If you have comments on a product and are not satisfied, we would very much like you to contact us and tell us what you have of comments, and then we will do our best to make you satisfied!

Use, copying and distribution

The transfer, distribution and copying of Grapevine’s products is prohibited. The products are protected under copyright law. Once you have purchased a product from Grapevine, you can of course use it freely as you wish, but only you as a private person have this right, you may not spread it further. If you want to use Grapevine’s products for commercial purposes or within a company, please contact us.

Customer Information Privacy Policy

Mirago Media AB is the data controller for Grapevine. All information used to fulfill our obligations to customers and users is stored securely and using information technology and encryption.
Only Mirago Media AB has access to the information. The email address is used by Grapevine for product delivery, information and marketing. You can notify us at any time that you will not receive information or newsletters to your email address. Your email address or other information is never sold or disclosed to third parties. When buying mobile treasure hunts, your mobile number is stored for the delivery of an SMS with a link to the product.

Excerpt or change of personal information


As a customer, you have the right to order an extract of what information Grapevine has registered about you. You also have the right to request that Grapevine correct incomplete, misleading or incorrect personal information, or that we remove your personal information completely.
To order an extract or request a change of personal information, send a letter to Mirago Media AB, Kärleksgatan 2a, 21145 Malmö. Do not forget to state your email address in the letter and to sign it with your signature. Or send an email to data [a) miragomedia.comTerms of
purchase A completed order implies that you approve our terms of purchase and give consent for your e-mail address and address information to be registered in our customer register.